Subtle Things That Made People Realize They're Getting Older

We’re all getting older every single day. While some of us have accepted it, others would rather pretend it’s not happening, but some things really make it hard to ignore.

BuzzFeed asked readers and turned to Reddit to find out people’s subtle “I’m getting older” signs and these are some of the most relatable.

  • "I’ve been enjoying nature more. I know it sounds dumb, but I used to not really care about nature all that much. Now I just sit there happily and look at trees."
  • "When you start realizing that the things your brain thought happened 'only a few years ago' actually means decades ago. For example, 9/11 seemed like it was about ten years ago, but nope — it has been a lot longer."
  • "FOMO has completely become a thing of the past for me. I really couldn't care less if I miss something 'fun.'"
  • "The topics of conversations that come up when hanging out with friends. Once upon a time, it was fun gossip, boys, and drama.

Now it’s 401ks, medications, household repairs, etc..."

  • "Going out on a Friday or Saturday night feels more like a hassle than fun."
  • "When your first reaction to a friend’s pregnancy announcement is 'congratulations' rather than 'oh sh!t.'"
  • "Remembering what things used to cost."
  • "I used to have an entirely separate wardrobe for clubbing with my girlfriends. Now, I won't even consider wearing anything that feels too scratchy. Plus, all my shoes are super practical and comfy."
  • "When you realize you can injure yourself by sneezing or sleeping in a funny position."
  • "I actually get excited to be carded at restaurants and bars."
  • "When you rewatch Friends and suddenly find that Tom Selleck is the hottest person in the show."
  • "When teenagers call you 'sir.'"
  • "When I look at current music, and I have no idea who anyone is on the top 10 billboards."
  • "Mentioning something to your doctor and being told, 'yeah, that's just going to be how it is from now on.'"


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