Tot-Protecting Pants for the 20th Anniversary of "Napoleon Dynamite"

What better way to celebrate 20 years of "Napoleon Dynamite" than with some tater tots?  Jon Heder teamed up with the frozen potato brand Ore-Ida to release TOT-PROTECTING pants.


The pants resemble Napoleon's joggers, but with a red tot-protecting pocket. As of last night, the pants are sold-out online, but Ore-Ida says they'll restock.


Jon got into character to recreate some scenes from the movie. Quote, "It's always fun throwing back on the jeans and the moon boots and the glasses. This movie was very personal to me . . .


"There's so many things that Napoleon liked or that he did and I was like, 'Yeah, these are the kind of things I did.'"


Jon also says when he was shooting the ads for Ore-Ida, a "magical thing" happened. There was a llama hanging out by a tree in the background.


Quote, “He's directly behind me in the shot for almost the entire day we were shooting. Nobody [from the crew] put it there. It felt like, 'Oh my gosh, this is perfect.'"


Getty Images

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