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A Bride Asked Her Pregnant Bridesmaid To Not Flaunt Her Baby Bump In Photos

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Every once in a while we hear these stories of horrible bridezilla's! While this woman does sound like a little bit of a bridezilla, it's actually easier for me to understand her point of view.

A bride asked a question on Reddit asking if she was an a-hole for not letting her bridesmaid to "flaunt" her baby bump.

I got married three weeks ago and one of my bridesmaids is about 7 months pregnant (let's call her Kate). Kate's belly was easily accommodated into the dress style because it had quite a flowy skirt with a fitted bust.
Between the ceremony and reception, we had a few hours worth of professional photos taken with just the wedding party. In one of the first photos I noticed Kate was deliberately holding her belly so it was really obvious in the fabric of her dress (think basically every maternity shoot photo ever taken). I asked her to stop holding her hands to show off her belly and to just pose like everyone else. I had to remind her a few more times before we'd finished taking the wedding party photos.
I was away for a week on our honeymoon and when I got back I hadn't heard from Kate, despite texting her, and we usually talk every couple of days. I felt she was avoiding me. Today another of my bridesmaids confirmed that Kate is pissed at me because I was 'trying to make her look fat, not pregnant' during the photos. Now I'm annoyed because I paid a lot of money for a wedding photo shoot, not maternity pics. But I don't know, am I the asshole?

People have been responding to her post both agreeing and disagreeing with her.

One user said:

NTA - those are your wedding photos, and there is absolutely no reason someone should be deliberately showing off their 'baby bump' to take away from the bride in a photo. If she didn't feel comfortable in the dress, she could have opted out of being in the wedding. But making the photo shoot about herself and demonstrating her pregnant belly is not acceptable in a wedding photo. When you look back at the photos, you want to remember the happy times between you guys, not be distracted by her "on display" baby bump.

Another user said:

Nothing suggests she was “trying to take over [the] wedding photos.”
From what OP says, the friend wasn’t doing anything besides holding her belly, which is actually a normal standing position for pregnant people, not something reserved for maternity photography.
Is it attention seeking to be visibly pregnant at someone else’s wedding? Because it seems like the bride (and a lot of commenters) are treating this girl like she maliciously planned to take over the wedding by not hiding her pregnancy, which is insane to me.

While I can't imagine ever even noticing a bridesmaid doing this or it bothering me, I kind of get her point. My thought though is that if it looked weird, the photographer should have said something. What are YOUR thoughts on this?!

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