Photos: McKaila's Bachelorette Party

This weekend we had my Bachelorette party and we went up to Chase on the Lake in Walker! It was "Friends" themed SO MUCH FUN! My bridesmaids went all out, especially my sister who made all the decor. I had a blast with my friends and got some really cool gifts! One of my friends made this sign and I am totally obsessed with it!

Not to mention, I got enough underwear to last me basically 3 months without washing a pair!

There was lots of food (and alcohol), and inappropriate jokes so I will spare you the details. But I got iced with one of my gifts, so here's a pic of that.

We got a party bus, which was an ABSOLUTE blast and we ended the night at The American Legion with karaoke, which is my favorite place up there. It's always a good time at the Legion.

There was also 2 guys who "attempted" to give me a lap dance, but really they just danced around me, so my bridesmaids stepped in.

Overall, it's bitter-sweet that it's over. I had the best time and I loved being able to be with all my friends at the same time so I'm sad it's over, but it also means we're one step closer to the wedding, which gets me super excited! Check out some more of my pictures below!

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