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The Best Tweets About "The Bachelorette" Finale

I am admittedly a pretty big fan of "The Bachelor" franchise. While I know not everything we see may be exactly....real, it's entertaining TV.

For this season of "The Bachelorette," there have been two known villains, Luke P. and Jed. Luke P. was the on-camera villain and ended up staying way longer than he should have. He was finally sent home during the fantasy suite date after he got super judgmental about decisions Hannah had made.

The off-camera villain was Jed. For the most part, Jed looked like a perfect guy on camera. HOWEVER, unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that in June an article from People came out saying that Jed allegedly had a girlfriend before he went on the show. The article was very detailed and had text messages, pictures of them on vacation, etc. So knowing that Hannah didn't know any of this, it has been really difficult to watch her fall for Jed, especially when a perfect specimen like Tyler C. existed and was still in the running.

Last night during the finale, Hannah ultimately chose Jed. However, they then showed her finding out about the girlfriend and confronting him. She then ended the engagement and relationship. The finale ended with her asking Tyler out on a date and him saying yes. Even though the conspiracy theorist in me believes this was ALL completely orchestrated because it was just a little too perfect, I don't care because she (may have) ended up with Tyler, the world's most perfect man. 😍

Now, while I love watching "The Bachelorette," what I love even more is reading people's tweets about what's happening. So below are some of my favorite's from last night's finale!

Tweets about Jed and his music:

Tweets about Jed and his (ex) girlfriend:

Tweets comparing Luke P. & Jed:

Tweets about Hannah asking out Tyler C. at the end:

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