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Heaven, You Better Be Ready

Heaven. You better be ready.

For you just opened up your gates to the feistiest woman He ever created. She is going to have words with Him about her Purple Vikings + the lack of Superbowls. Her laugh is going to be so unbelievably loud; it will put Your thunder to shame. And she will have Mother Mary dancing on table tops within minutes of FINALLY meeting each other.

BUT before she walks in, let her fall into the arms of the man she has forever loved. I don’t know if making out is allowed in the clouds but this rule breaker told me she plans on kissing her JACK right on the lips. First thing first.

She told me it was okay to cry. So tonight I do and tomorrow I will.

And I promise to tell the stories of the short crazy lady, who taught me short sheeting a bed was a must. Yelling at the TV scores touchdowns and a good smile can get you out of a lot.

Our last words to each other were: I love you. But we both know so much more was said in between.

Grams, I bet your purple wings are just beautiful. Hug Papa tight for me. Eric too. And every once in a while, make so much noise up there, that way I can hear you down here.

Heaven- good luck with her- she’s one heck of a lady.

-I love you Grams-

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