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Taylor's Town: Tuesday Recap

✨ Taylor's Town: Tuesday Recap ✨

We just wrapped up Day 2 of Taylor's Town!!

For anyone not familiar with our contest called "Taylor's Town," on K102 this week we are giving clues to a secret location in the Twin Cities metro area. Clues are given every hour on the :13s, starting at 6:13am and going until 5:13pm. Whoever is able to guess the location that the clues are leading you to first, wins a pair of tickets to see Taylor Swift at US Bank Stadium this weekend! We are doing this daily until her concert on Friday night.

It is a very unique and interactive contest, and we thought anyone who is playing along might enjoy seeing all the clues laid out in front of them along with the explanation for the clues, too.

Now that Tuesday's contest has wrapped up and the location was found by our winner, we are sharing the details!

Here are TUESDAY'S clues:

6:13 - If you draw a five mile round circle around the Grain Belt Sign, Taylor is OUTSIDE that circle

7:13 - Taylor is outside today, so be specific with your answer

8:13 - Thousands and Thousands of people have been where Taylor is

9:13 - You can go ahead and draw a TEN mile circle around the Grain Belt Sign - Taylor's STILL OUTSIDE that circle

10:13 - OK Swifties, here's a clue for you: the name of Taylor's location is all included in the lyrics of one of her songs, just not in order

11:13 - The nearest golf course is around a mile away to where Taylor is

12:13 - Today, Taylor is WEST of the river

1:13 - Hello? Hello? Taylor? Taylor? Is there an echo here?

2:13 - Some people can't see the point of this contest, but Taylor can see the point from where she is

3:13 - I bet you'd like to drive to where Taylor is, but you can't - maybe wait til January

4:13 - It wouldn't take very long to purify yourself here, according to another singer

5:13 - They call it that because it's so large

ANSWER: Big Island, Lake Minnetonka

Here are more in-depth explanations:

⭐️ "Big" and "Island" are in Taylor's song "Coney Island"

⭐️ Echo refers to Echo Bay

⭐️ Thousands of people visited Big Island when it was an amusement park in the early 1900's

⭐️ The Point is Swift Point, less than a mile to the east

⭐️ The Lafayette Club is one mile to the NW, the closest golf course

⭐️ The 6:13 clue and the 9:13 clue were very intentional in their wording. 🙂

⭐️ And of course, Prince told Appolonia to purify herself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka


Are you having fun playing along? We will be doing it all over again with a fresh new location tomorrow morning! Don't miss out. Keep it on K102 for your chance to win! A new contest page where you can submit tomorrow's answers will pop up on the website at 6:13am, after we've given the first clue of the day.

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