Kris Lindahl Helps Minneapolis Man Get His Own "Arms Out" Parody Billboard

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Kris Lindahl Real Estate billboard!

He’s a pretty big name around MN, so I’m sure you’ve seen one or heard of him. His billboards will catch your attention with his arms spread like the Michael Jordan wings photo.

Photo credit: Kris Lindahl

A Minneapolis man by the name of Derek Camitsch raised money on GoFundMe to get his own billboard that was a parody of the Minnesota famous Kris Lindahl arms spread billboard. Only people in Minnesota would get this billboard and how funny it would be.

Why not turn a joke into reality?! Derek's dream came true and it's all thanks to Kris Lindahl! According to Kris Lindahl, Derek got his arms spread billboard on March 22, but there was one catch. Since one of the core values of Kris Lindahl Real Estate is Be Generous. Derek had to donate the money he was raising to a charity, which he was happy to do. Since Derek had already sent the money from GoFundMe to the billboard company already and the terms of GoFundMe won't let you change who gets the money. Kris decided to make a $1,250 donation directly to the charity People Serving People.

You can check out Derek's billboard below or see it in person on East Hennepin at SE 9th Street. I am so going to get a photo in front of this board!

Photo credit: Kris Lindahl