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Minneapolis Is America's Most Underrated City

We here in Minnesota think Minneapolis & St. Paul are the best cities in the world. But it's big cities like New York and L.A. that get all the hype. 

In the past two years Minneapolis & St. Paul have had a lot of attention on them and for good reason. In Minneapolis, the Super Bowl was here in 2018 and the Final Four was just here. In St. Paul, the men's NCAA Frozen Four was here in 2018. But what's the most underrated city in America? Over 5,000 people recently voted at Ranker.com.

According to the results on Ranker, the most underrated city is Minneapolis and St. Paul is number 15 on the list. Here are the top 10 most underrated cities in America according to Ranker:

1. Minneapolis. 

2. Pittsburgh. 

3. Charleston, South Carolina.

4. Savannah, Georgia. 

5. Asheville, North Carolina. 

6. Portland, Oregon.

7. Kansas City, Missouri.

8. Seattle.

9. Nashville.

10. Milwaukee.

If you don't agree with the rankings, you can still vote HERE.

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