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Minnesota State Fair Ranks Where Among The Best State Fairs In The US?

I can just smell it now, the fries, pronto pups, cookies, and cheese curds! I'm talking about the best State Fair in the history of State Fairs. That's right, the Minnesota State Fair aka the Great Minnesota Get-Together. While us Minnesotans believe that the Minnesota State Fair is the best fair in the United States, how do others see it?

According to MSN, they used Foursquare's rankings system and identified the most brag-worthy state fairs in the country and you'll be happy to know that the Minnesota State Fair is the number 1 State Fair! 

1. Minnesota State Fair–2nd largest state fair with lots of unique food on sticks

2. State Fair Of Texas–24-day fair with tons of food

3. San Diego County Fair- Not actually astate fair, but it is one of the largest county fairs in the United States and with a great seaside location

4. The Eastern States Exposition- New England's Great State Fair

5. Deerfield Fair- New England's oldest “family” fair

To see the full list click HERE.

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