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Hidden Valley Ranch Just Launched A Summer Collection

Who’s with me when I say Ranch Dressing goes on EVERYTHING?? This is great news –Hidden Valley wants to make sure you you have all the ranch essentials for Summer. According to Delish, Hidden Valley Ranch just launched a summer collection that consists of pool floats, swimwear, and beach towels.

Pool Float ($35) - Nothing says that you love ranch like floating on a giant bottle of your favorite condiment at the pool or on the lake.

Beach Towel ($30/SOLD OUT) - Everyone at the beach will know that you're a ranch lover with this beach towel.

Beach Tote ($25) - How many bottles of ranch do you think you could fit in this tote? The answer is... a lot! Plus you can tote around your ranch beach towel as well.

Ranch & Pizza Shirt ($45) - This shirt was made for me! It takes my obsession with pizza and ranch and puts them together. What a way to stay cool while looking hot!

Men's Swim Trunks (50) - If you're going to get the shirt you might as well get the swim trunks to match! Imagine wearing these while you do a cannonball into a pool, lake, or.. tub of ranch!

Women's One Piece Swimsuit ($50) - Ladies, if you're a huge ranch lover let everyone know that you put ranch on your ranch. Instead of rocking that beach bod, you can rock that ranch bod in this!

Water Bottle ($15) - You can put beer in it, alcohol, or if you're obsessed... ranch! 

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