Miller Lite Creates Video Game Controller Out Of A Can Of Beer

As the new Luke Combs song goes, "Beer Never Broke My Heart!" There's so much you can do with a beer, shotgun it, sip it, or chug it, and.. play video games with it?

Miller Lite recently sent out a press release according to Delish and it states, that the "Cantroller" is "a standard 10-button controller, with Bluetooth, USB charging and 12 fluid ounces of the original light beer. It connects wirelessly to multiple consoles and PC." I can just see it now, you get mad when you lose and whip it across the room and now you're out of a controller and you have beer everywhere! But are you really going to throw it and waste beer like that? I wouldn't, I would crack that bad boy open and get to drinkin'.

Apparently, there's only 200 of these "Cantrollers" in the world, and if you want to get your hands on one you can enter to win HERE. I for sure need to get my hands on one of these controllers, ASAP!

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