Budweiser's New Beer Is A Nod To Farmers

It seems like Budweiser is coming out with beer after beer. To kick off summer they had a lemon tea beer. There's been commercials running for their latest Discovery Reserve beer to celebrate the first lunar landing. Now, Budweiser is coming out with a beer this fall to celebrate the farmer called Harvest Reserve Deep Golden Lager, according to BrewBound.

The Harvest Reserve Deep Golden Lager will be a limited-edition beer that is a nod to the farmers who have grown the barley used to brew Budweiser beer for so many years. The beer is 5.4 percent ABV, and is brewed with All-American barley that is toasted longer for a bolder taste and has a crisp hoppy aroma that finishes smooth. The new beer is an all-malt recipe that uses 100 percent American grains from family farms.

For more information on Budweiser Harvest Reserve, check out budweiser.com/HarvestReserve.

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