Luke Combs Says He Stays Humble By "Still Scooping Cat Litter"

Luke Combs is one of the hottest country artists out right now! He has 5 number 1 songs, he's getting inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on July 16, and his 'Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour' is selling like hotcakes! So, you think with all the success Luke Combs is having that he would have a huge ego, but he doesn't!

According to People, in an interview with Holly Gleason for HITS Daily Double, Luke told her about his newfound fame, and how he humbles himself. Luke said, “[The acclaim]’s pretty weird,” he said. “I do try to separate myself from it. I’m very aware of all that stuff, because people keep me aware. And I’m very proud of it. But I don’t sit around and bathe in the ego of it. I might be on a plane home after a show and be there an hour later,” But then I’m still scooping the cat litter.”

With that being said, I do the same thing! When I do household chores and my wife hasn't told me to do them, I stay humble by picking up the dog poop in the backyard. Same thing right?

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