Six-Year-Old Baseball Coach Loses Temper After Getting Ejected From Game

My whole life I have played baseball, I love the game. There was always something special about when an ump messes up a call and your coach has your back and defends you and the team, and then gets ejected. From that moment in the game you play for your coach and gives the team an extra jolt of energy.

The Kalamazoo Growlers, who are a baseball team in the Northwoods League, had an honorary coach the past few weeks. Their honorary coach is a six-year-old by the name of Drake, according to MLB Cut 4. What's so funny about Drake is that he argues just like a big league coach would argue with an ump. Drake lost his temper after arguing with an ump about a call, from kicking up dust, to throwing bats and balls to spiking his hat on home plate. This six-year-old has a future as a big league skipper for sure! Watch below.