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There's A NEW Official Pizza Of U.S. Bank Stadium, Plus New Foods For 2019!

Week 1 of the NFL season officially kicks off tonight! Everyone is tied for 1st with a 0-0 record and looking like they are the team headed to the Super Bowl! The Vikings will take on the Falcons at Noon on Sunday and U.S. Bank Stadium. While you tailgate and fill up on beer and food, inside U.S. Bank Stadium you'll find some new foods for 2019, and the Vikings announced that Heggies Pizza will be the official pizza provider of U.S. Bank Stadium this 2019 season!

According to Vikings.com, the reason the Vikings chose Heggies Pizza is pizza company has grown a humble beginning in 1989 through a focus on ingredients and unique recipes, shows a continued emphasis on featuring the region’s top restauranteurs and award-winning small businesses.

With the announcement of Heggies Pizza being the official pizza provider of U.S. Bank Stadium. They Vikings also announced all the new foods that would be available for 2019 as well that is listed below.

Arepa Bite Latin Food– Venezuelan family-owned business will serve Caribbean steak sandwiches and taquenos(Section 129)

David Fong’s– Landmark Chinese restaurant in Bloomington and one of the longest-running family-owned restaurants in Minneapolis-St. Paul will serve wings and sesame chicken with rice(Section 360)

Heritage Tea House– Family-owned business that honors and celebrates the history and heritage of Minnesota’s African-American community will serve jerk wings, jerk chicken and vegetarian rice bowls(Section 134)

No Name– Family-owned business based in St. Michael, Minnesota, will serve steakhouse seasoned burgers with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion(North Star Grills throughout stadium)

O’Cheeze– Grilled cheese food truck and fast service market restaurant serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul area will serve gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and lobster mac n cheese(Section 108)

A La Mode Ice Cream

(Sections 124 and 329 at Be Graceful Locations)

Nut-free, egg-free, sesame-free ice cream

Be Graceful

(Sections 124 & 329)

Buffalo Jack Sliders (vegan, soy-free and gluten-free option) – Young jackfruit, Frank’s hot sauce, cream cheese (vegan & soy-free), diced celery, regular or gluten-free buns

Chickpea “Tuna” Salad 4 Ways (vegetarian, vegan w/o cheese, gluten-free option) – Chickpeas, stone ground mustard, lemon zest, tahini, chopped dill pickle, finely chopped celery, chopped red onion on pita rounds, bed of salad or bread

Greek Salad Wrap – Sliced zucchini, salt & pepper, olive oil, sliced tomato, sliced red onion, kale, white cheddar or chipotle gouda cheese, regular or gluten-free tortillas and hummus

Delta Vikings Village

(available outside pregame)

Breakfast and Lunch Nachos – Black beans, Mexican chorizo, ranchero sauce, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, cilantro, jalapeno

Bourbon Bacon Jam Hot Dog – Bourbon bacon jam with a poppy seed bun

North Star/MN Favorites

(Section 118)

4th Street Pork Belly Skewer – Deep-fried pork belly skewer with mashed potatoes, chipotle pepper, cheddar cheese and bacon

Walleye Sandwich – Deep-fried breaded walleye with cabbage, with corn relish with tartar sauce

Fish and Chips – Beer-battered cod with steakhouse fries and tartar sauce

Tater Tot Hot Dish – Tater tots, gravy, cheddar cheese, green onions

Also, there will be new locations for fan favorites as well.

Rusty Taco -

(Sections 105, 113, 122* and 310)

Loaded Nachos – Choice of chicken, beef or steak, topped with cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole and queso

Tres Grande – Chips with guacamole, cheese and salsa

Taco Trio – Chicken, beef or steak

R Taco Specialty Margarita

Market Bar-B-Que

(Sections 122* and 324)

Pulled pork sandwich

Sliders – Pork belly, pulled pork and brisket

Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen

(Sections 122, 329, 344 and 349)

Pork belly & bacon sandwich

Frito pie

AZ Canteen Dog

Cheddar brat

Chicken nachos

Lil’ Mini Donuts

(Sections 111* and 318)

Fresh-made mini-donuts

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