Batman Walked A 3-Year-Old To School After Bullies Gave Her A Black Eye

Bullies are the absolute worst! You usually experience one starting in middle school, but having to experience a bully in preschool is heartbreaking! Preschool is suppose to be the time when you start to make friends, make trades for lunch snacks, but to get bullied.. that shouldn't happen! A 3-year-old girl by the name of Lydia came home from preschool with bruises on her and a black eye and she opened up to her Mom Erica that she was being bullied at school by classmates, according to Yahoo. The mom said, "She told me that a bunch of girls and one boy hit her, and a girl threw a shoe at her eye,"

The Mom reported the incidents to the school and little to nothing was done. She posted her frustration on social media and that's when the bat signal went out and the Batman Of Spring Hill in Florida stepped in. Jack Asbury III saw Erica's post because they have been friends for quite some time, and knew Lydia likes superheroes and asked if he could walk her to school dressed as Batman. Asbury works as an EMT who works as an EMT when he's not dressed as Batman who visits kids in the community who need a little cheering up. When Lydia walked into the classroom with Batman, all of the other kids were shocked and excited. It was safe to say that Lydia made new friends and a classmate even called her their best friend.

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