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Get Ready For Friday With The Twins Postseason Hype Video

162 games have come and gone and the Twins are AL Central Division Champs! On Friday, the Twins will start their series with the New York Yankees.

The Division series schedule will look like this:

Game 1: Friday 10/4 @New York

Game 2: Saturday 10/5 @New York

Game 3: Monday 10/7 @Target Field

Game 4: Tuesday 10/8 @Target Field*

Game 5: Thursday 10/9 @New York*

*if necessary

The times of the games have yet to be decided.

Now, it's time for what you came for, the postseason hype video! There's not much to the video which is only 30 seconds long, but the video doesn't need to say much to get you ready for Friday!

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