The Haunted Place In Minnesota And Wisconsin To Scare Yourself

With Halloween arriving in 28 days, there are tons of places to get your spooky szn on! But there is one place here in the Twin Cities where you can get a haunting good time!

According to Thrillist, they posted the places where you can scare the crap out of yourself in every state. Minnesota's is the Wabasha Street Caves. Below is what Thrillist said about them:

Wabasha Street Caves
St. Paul
Our favorite Minnesota haunt, Forepaugh's Restaurant, recently closed. Luckily, Minnesota is home to as many haunts as it is lakes. One of the creepiest, and most accessible, is Wabasha Street Caves. This is one of the liveliest places on the list, an underground speakeasy from the '30s that still hosts weddings and parties so good that the original folks never seem to have left. That apparently includes the ghosts of three gangsters who, in the caves' bootlegging days, skipped out on their check by getting murdered and buried in the floors. To this day, people report seeing uninvited, very dapper guests roaming the halls, along with the ghost of a bartender and a madame. Tours are offered, and big band nights are the norm, making this the kind of haunt you don't have to trespass to get to. Just be wary of any potential dance partner whose get-up looks a little too period accurate. --AK

Since I'm not from Minnesota, I put Wabasha Street Caves into the google machine, and there it is. On the Explore Minnesota site, they state you can take a tour of them for $8 or if you want the Lost Souls tour, that will cost you $10. If you were wondering, yes they have ghosts! I've seen my fair share of movies about ghosts, demons, and such... I think I'll pass on this! But hey, if you want to scare yourself, the Lost Souls tour is the last Sunday of every month at 12:30pm.

Oh and for the Sconnies reading this, Wisconsin's place to scare yourself is:

The Pfister Hotel
When a bunch of tough-guy pro baseball players refuse to stay in a hotel, there's probably something weird afoot. The Pfister is among of Milwaukee's finest hotels, which is why many visiting sports teams put their players up here. It also happens to be among the most haunted hotels in the world, and so many MLB players have complained about ghostly encounters -- strange knocking and pounding noises, TVs turning on and off, their belongings inexplicably moved -- that many now refuse to stay there. Even Joey Lawrence has a Pfister ghost story. So in the words of former MLB player Michael Young, "Oh, f**k that place." Of course you can book yourself a room and hope for apparitions, but if you just want to visit, you won't look odd sipping on a Bloody Mary in the Lobby Lounge.

I had feeling that was the place in Wisconsin. I have heard a lot of teams that stay in Milwaukee stay in that haunted hotel. That's going to be a hard pass for me on that hotel the next time I go to Milwaukee.



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