No Thanks! This Car Wash Doubles As A Haunted House

There's haunted houses, haunted corn mazes, and now, haunted car washes? Yeah, they are quickly growing and becoming a thing. So, if you have a fear of going through a car wash, now you can have clowns taunting you as you get your car wash... talk about terrifying!

According to NBC4i, the Rainforest Car Wash in Brunswick, Ohio has turned into a haunted car wash! The Rainforest Car Wash said they got the idea from similar car washes in Michigan and Texas. It makes me wonder, will we see one pop up here in Minnesota?

When you enter the haunted house car wash, you'll notice that clowns can be found throughout the car wash tunnel. The Rainforest Car Wash states that they typically have at least 10 people working the car wash, and four to five people are inside the tunnel and four to five people are outside working the line and pay stations. Apparently the car wash has been a hit!

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