The Mighty Ducks Reboot TV Series Is Happening And Coming To Disney+

We are ducks and ducks fly together. Just when you think they're about to break apart... ducks fly together, when the wind blows hard and the sky is black... ducks fly together, when the roosters are crowing and the cows are spinning circles in the pasture... ducks fly together, and when everyone says it cant be done... DUCKS FLY TOGETHER! Listen up cake eaters, the quack attack is back! Well... sort of!

The Mighty Ducks reboot tv series will be happening and coming to Disney+. Now, I know what you're thinking, is this going to be a continuation from D3 or is this going to be a prequel? The answer is... neither! According to, the Mighty Ducks reboot series will focus on a 13-year-old boy that gets kicked off the junior division Mighty Ducks team. His mom decides to start their own team, finding players, a coach, and a place to play. It kind of sounds like the original movie, doesn't it?

There's no word yet on what actors/actresses will be in the reboot series or if the original characters will be in it as well. The original film was shot right here in Minnesota, and as much as I want the reboot series to also be shot here... it's not. Filming for The Mighty Ducks Reboot Series will begin in February in Vancouver.

Until then... I'll just be over here working on my triple deke.

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