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This All-Country Artist Baseball Team Could Beat An MLB Team

As the snow falls here in Minnesota, I am having baseball withdrawals! Baseball is my favorite sport, and I'm not ready for it to be over. Maybe it's the warm weather, being at the ballpark, the smell of grilled onions, or how well our baseball team did. With that being said, I decided to build a baseball team of only country artists and I think they could beat a Major League Baseball Team! Here is my starting lineup:

Pitcher: Brett Young - He is going to be my ace! He was destined to go pro until an elbow injury derailed those dreams. He was also a pre-draft selection for the Minnesota Twins.

Catcher: Kenny Chesney - He was a multi-sport athlete in high school and grew up a Red Sox fan and took his love of the game and played baseball in high school. I'm not sure what position he played, but I think a speedy Kenny Chesney would do great behind the dish!

First Base: Jason Aldean - He was a standout player in high school at Windsor Academy. He was also known to just crush baseballs, and he always bat lead off.

Second Base/ Pitcher: Scotty McCreery - I'm not even sure if Scotty has played an inning at second base, but he will for me! I also have him as a pitcher because in high school, his former coach said he was a quote, "very effective pitcher."

Shortstop: Eric Church - The Chief was a multi-sport athlete in high school. In his sophomore year he suffered a knee that derailed his dreams of going pro. I mean why wouldn't I want a tall shortstop?

Third Base/Pitcher: Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line. Again, I'm not sure that Brian Kelley has ever played an inning at third base, but he will on this team. You'll see that he is also a pitcher, and he was a damn good one too! He pitched at Florida State University before transferring to Belmont in Nashville. It also helps that he's a lefty as well!

Left Field: Garth Brooks - Believe it or not Garth is stud at baseball. He technically signed with teams like the San Diego Padres, the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals at one point.

Center Field/Pitcher: Tim McGraw - He's the son of Tug McGraw who was a professional baseball player and a pticher, so I'm sure his Dad taught him a thing or two about the game.

Right Field: Chris Lane - He's another multi-sport athlete in high school. He was really good at baseball and ended up playing baseball for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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