It's Illegal To Throw Snowballs In This Wisconsin City

There are two types of people when the snow starts falling. There's the ones who are all about it and happy that it is snowing, and then there's the ones who absolutely hate it and question why they keep living here. You might be questioning yourself all the time if you live in Wausau, Wisconsin!

According to WCCO TV, in Wausau, Wisconsin, there is a law that states you are not allowed to throw missiles, rocks, arrows, and snowballs are grouped together with that law. Wait a second, let's back up.. I have so many questions about that law. How did a missile get grouped together in that? How mad do you have to be at someone to throw an actual missile? According to the Wausau city ordinance, it says that you can’t throw snowballs anywhere on public property... not even on sidewalks, city streets, or at school.

The Mayor of Wausau Robert B. Mielke told WCCO TV, “It’s really in the interest of public safety. A lot of it is just consideration and common sense. You don’t throw stuff at people, period."

If you are caught throwing a snowball or having fun, you could be fined! Also, it should be noted that the police in Wausau don't remember the last time someone was fined for throwing a snowball.

I'll let the GIF below tell you what I think of this law...

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