Viktor The Viking Wrote A Children's Book About Losing His Mustache

Viktor The Viking has it all! He gets to pump up Vikings fans every Sunday, he's friends with EVERY NFL mascot and non-NFL mascots. Now Viktor can add children's book author to his resume. Viktor announced on his social media earlier today that he wrote a book, "Where's Viktor's Mustache."

If you like Minnesota, mustaches, rhyming or the Minnesota Vikings, then this book is for youuuuuuu (or your kids!) writes Viktor on his Twitter. You can pre-order the book right now for $14.95 at If you also want to test your luck, Viktor is also doing a giveaway on his Twitter. He posted that a winner would get 2 copies of the book for yourself, 10 copies donated to school/hospital/etc of your choice, and awesome #skol mustache sunglasses!

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