Smirnoff Ice Created Fake Gift Boxes So You Can "Ice" People This Christmas

Remember when it was a thing to "ice" people with Smirnoff Ice? Well, for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law it's still a thing because they love icing people all the time, and I think it's time I get them back this Christmas! If you don't know what icing someone is, it's where you surprise someone with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and they have to get down on one knee and chug it on the spot!

The people at Smirnoff are trying to keep the icing trend going this Christmas, according to Thrillist. Smirnoff is selling a new line of fake gift boxes that look like they're for things like a hand mixer, wooden hangers, or an ironing board. So, when someone opens their "gift" from you, all that's inside is a single bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Which they then have to chug!

If these fake gift boxes sound good to you, they sell for $20. That includes the empty box plus one bottle of Smirnoff Ice! But there is some bad news... it looks like all the boxes are SOLD OUT! There's no word yet when they will be in stock. That just means you'll have to make your own!

Merry Icing!

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