Riley Green Wrote A Song Mocking Thomas Rhett's Terrible Hunting Skills

I would say my hunting skills are comparable to Thomas Rhett's... I can't hit a clay pigeon to save my life. I would never write a song about it but if you're hunting with Riley Green you better be able to hold your own, otherwise he'll write a song about you.

Riley Green came up with an impromptu song about Thomas Rhett's lack of hunting skills, so Thomas Rhett put it in his Instagram story. Apparently, it's not there anymore, so if you missed it

He starts it off by saying, quote, "I'm in Arkansas duck hunting with Riley Green. And he's going to play you a song that he's writing right now. And you're the first one to hear it." Then he points the phone at Riley, and he sings, quote, "I'm here with Thomas Rhett just hanging at the lodge. Hope tomorrow he doesn't wear orange camouflage. He doesn't realize that deer aren't color blind. Think we'll leave him back in the duck blind." And then the video ended. Below are a couple of photos of Riley and Thomas from their hunting trip.