A Grocery Store Turned Their Self-Serve Salad Bar Into A Booze Bar

If you walk into any grocery store you'll notice that all the self-serve items are no more. I walked into Cub the other day and saw the self-serve salad bar was empty and thought they could use that for something else. I guess there's one grocery store that was already ten steps ahead!

A grocery store in Manchester, Missouri has turned their self-serve salad bar into a beer bar, according to NBC News. In the stainless steel pans they have mini bottles of booze and craft beer. The grocery store has said that they did it as a joke and didn't know how customers would take it and the customers were getting a kick out of it! Apparently, this grocery store has started a national phenomenon as more grocery stores across the country are starting to do this! Twitter user Emily A, posted the now viral photo on her twitter which you can see below!

This is what you call, reading the room!

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