Minnesota State Fair Canceled But There's Still A Way To Get Pronto Pups

This past Friday it was announced that the Minnesota State Fair has been canceled for 2020. That left me with one question, "where can I get a Pronto Pup?" It's been a Minnesota State Fair staple since 1947. Sure, I could try to make my own and burn down my house trying to making them. I want the authentic, straight from the stand Pronto Pup that's brushed with ketchup and mustard!

The Pronto Pups - Minnesota State Fair Facebook page posted on their page that are very saddened to hear the news about the State Fair being canceled this year. They let all of their followers know that offering private catering for events such as graduation parties, weddings, etc. Imagine having a birthday party or graduation party and having Pronto Pups there, it would be a dream come true! You can email them at mnprontopupcatering@gmail.com if you're interested or you want more info about how they can cater your private event!

They also said in their post and this is a big IF, but if they can they are hoping to get some of their stands at random public locations for Pronto Pup lovers like myself to come and get a curbside Pronto Pup! Like I said, it's a big IF, but if it does happen they will be posting the locations of the stands! You can either have Pronto Pups cater a private event for you or we'll just have to wait until 2021 to get a Minnesota State Fair staple since 1947.

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