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AMC Theaters Are Opening Next Week With Movie Tickets For 15 Cents

I have missed AMC Theater popcorn so much, so I am excited for this!

AMC Theaters has announced on their website that they will be opening up select theaters across the country and Minnesota has 8 theaters on the list. The AMC Theaters opening up here in Minnesota are:

AMC Arbor Lakes on 8/27

AMC Classic Apple Valley 15 on 9/3

AMC Classic Mankato 6 on 9/3

AMC Coon Rapids 16 on 8/20

AMC Eden Prairie Mall 18 on 8/20

AMC Inver Grove 16 on 8/20

AMC Rosedale 14 on 8/20

AMC Southdale 16 on 8/20.

As you can see some theaters will open up next Thursday and others in the following days or week. For the AMC Theaters that are opening up on 8/20, AMC is having a "Movies In 2020 At 1920 Prices". That means for one day only at AMC Theaters on 8/20, you'll be able to buy a movie ticket for 15 cents + tax!

Also, AMC is making sure you're not spending your life savings at the concession stand either. For a limited time you'll be able to get some of your movie favorites like regular popcorn, regular pop, and AMC KidsPacks for just $5! If you want to learn more on how AMC is going to provide a clean and safe reopening, the new AMC Safe and Clean policies and procedures are HERE.

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