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Here's The Type Of Cheese That Each State Is Oddly Obsessed With

Cheese has to be one of the greatest foods on earth!

A new study for National Cheese Lover's Day looked at the type of cheese each state googles more than average, according to Zippia. So, not necessarily the top-selling cheese. Just the type people in each state are oddly obsessed with.

17 different types of cheese made the list, and soft cheeses did pretty well. Here's what the study found:

1. Queso is the overall winner with eight states: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.

2. Cream cheese is next with six: Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

3. Swiss cheese won four states. And they're all in the Midwest: Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

4. Velveeta, four states: Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Nebraska.

5. Brie, four states: California, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Washington.

6. Cotija cheese. Four states: Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, and Oregon.

7. American cheese is #1 in Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island.

8. Seven types got two states each: Colby in North Dakota and West Virginia, feta in Massachusetts and Vermont, Monterey Jack in Missouri and Nevada, Mozzarella in Jersey and New York, parmesan in Pennsylvania and Texas, pepperjack in Idaho and Louisiana, and string cheese in South Dakota and Utah.

9. And three types got one state each: Cottage cheese in Wyoming, Gouda in Alaska, and Cheez Whiz in Delaware. 

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