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Make The Super Bowl Better With This Drinking Game

If your team isn’t in the Super Bowl there are two reasons you’re watching the game. Either you love football, or you just love eating game day snacks and drinking.

While most of us don’t care who wins the Super Bowl, you can still have a fun time watching it with this drinking game from Our Community Now.

Take 1 Sip Any Time ...

  • Someone scores a field goal
  • There's an interception
  • A Doritos commercial is aired
  • Anything goes wrong with the halftime show
  • Announcers say that Mahomes is taking over for Brady as "the face of football"

Take 2 Sips Any Time ...

  • A flag is thrown
  • A coach yells at the referee(s)
  • A commercial features one of the players
  • Either of the teams' previous Super Bowl appearances are mentioned
  • Andy Reid smiles
  • Any mention of Bill Belichick and/or the Patriots
  • Any mention of the Buccaneers having home-field advantage

Finish Your Drink Any Time ...

  • Someone scores a touchdown
  • A quarterback gets sacked
  • The Buccaneers win
  • The Chiefs win

Please Drink Responsibly!

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