A College In Australia Has Banned The Mullet

It's a right of passage in Minnesota, it's on display during the State High School Hockey Tournament, and Blake Shelton probably has the best one.

An elite private boys school which is Trinity College in Western Australia has banned the mullet hairstyle after deeming the hairdo “not acceptable," according to News.com. The school sent out a newsletter and in the newsletter it states, "It is without reservation that the College sets clear requirements that ensure health and safety, as well as setting a high standard for personal presentation. The current trend of growing the hair at the back of the head and/or closely cropping the sides of the head to accentuate the ‘mullet’ style are untidy, non-conventional and not acceptable at Trinity College. As is the trend of long hair and fringes. The College expectations on hair styles can be found on Page 18 of the Student Diary."

Apparently, students that do not meet the school's grooming standards will be picked up by their parent and ordered to get a haircut. The haircut the school would like you to have is one "of a conservative nature” and cut above the collar, and not allowed to fall below a student’s eyes.

Talk about no fun at a private school.....