A 10-Year-Old Boy From Stillwater Took His Family's Minivan To Buy Cheerios

One of the advantages of being able to drive is that when you get a craving you can just leave your house and go get it. But when you're a kid and you want something you ask your parents and they usually say we have that at home or eat something else. One boy from Stillwater decided he was going to get what he wanted!

A 10-year-old Stillwater boy took his family’s 2016 Chrysler minivan out for a drive on Sunday night and told police he was headed to the store to buy Cheerios for breakfast, according to TwinCities.com.

A police officer spotted the boy driving around 9:30 p.m. Sunday near 2nd Street North and Mulberry Street. An officer turned their squad car around and put on the lights and sirens and the boy took off, according to Police Chief Brian Mueller said.

The officer immediately stopped the pursuit “out of concern for the boy’s safety,” but continued to follow him through the city’s North Hill neighborhood without the squad car’s emergency lights or siren activated. At one point the boy had been going about 50mph and at one point he was driving in reverse and reversed into an embankment in the yard of a house. He just missed a tree and several other large objects. The officer parked his squad in front of the minivan blocking it and that's where it ended.

The police officer then asked the boy where he was going and he said to Target or River Market Community Co-op in downtown Stillwater for Cheerios for breakfast. As for the parents of the boy they were sleeping at the time of all of this and didn't know he left or that he took their minivan.Thankfully, no one was hurt or injured during all of this, including the boy.