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This Is The "Job" You're More Likely To Have Based On Month You Were Born

When I was 15 I wanted to be a radio DJ, and since that age I had my eyes set on being that! So, the jobs website Zippia.com posted a list of the careers you're more likely to gravitate toward depending on the month you were born. Apparently, it's all backed by stats too. But some of these things aren't really "jobs," are they? Here what it says:

January: Debt collectors and doctors.

February: Artists and traffic cops.

March: Pilots and musicians.

April: Dictators. 

May: Politicians.

June: CEOs and Nobel Prize winners. 

July: Bricklayers and train drivers.

August: Bricklayers again. 

September: Athletes and physicists.

October: Not a job, but you're more likely to live to be 100 years old.

November: Serial killers and schizophrenics. 

December: Dentists. 

I was born in June and there's no way I will ever be a CEO or a Nobel Prize winner!

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