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These Are The Most Popular Christmas Cookies From Each State

It's that time of the year where those that know how to bake, bake tons of cookies and share them with everyone!

Well, if you want to have the best cookie in the state you better start here! Apparently, someone pored through Google data to see which Christmas cookies are exceptionally popular in each state, according to USA Today.

Christmas Cookie Fudge was the top cookie in six states: Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Italian Christmas Cookies were #1 in five: Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Washington, D.C. also likes "Old-Fashioned" Italian Christmas Cookies.

Traditional Christmas Sugar Cookies were the favorite in just two states, Arkansas and Nevada.

Snowball Cookies are popular in Michigan and Ohio.

Several states prefer healthier-sounding options: Gluten Free Christmas Cookies were the top choice in Maine, Minnesota, Montana, and Wisconsin

Keto Christmas Cookies were #1 in Colorado, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wyoming. 

The state of Washington loves Vegan Christmas Cookies.

Some states event went rogue: New York's pick was Anise Christmas Cookies, California wants Snoopy Christmas Cookies, Hawaii likes Cherry Christmas Cookies, and Virginia loves Ooey Gooey Christmas Cookies. 

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