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These 10 Foods Will Cause An Argument Every Time They Are Mentioned

If you think for a second that I will allow you to say pineapple goes on pizza, you’re wrong! I will argue about this until the end of time, it does not go on pizza!

Sometimes it feels like social media's main function in society is providing a platform for people to argue about food. One of the big arguments I mentioned is the one above.  The food blog "The Takeout" has a list of "10 foods and drinks that cause arguments every time they're mentioned":

1. Hot dogs and their toppings, everything from ketchup to mayo.

2. The classic cocktail: The Old-Fashioned bourbon versus brandy.

3. Buffalo wings and the best places to get them, even if it's a chain.

4. Pasta carbonara - with unnecessary complications, like adding peas.

5. Pizza - pretty much everything about it, from style to toppings.

6. Cheesesteaks that aren't from Philadelphia and toppings, like ketchup.

7. Chili - beans versus NO beans.

8. Barbecue - mainly which region is superior, but also preferred techniques.

9. Hoagies - the best way to build them, like how much meat.

10. Ranch dressing - gross or "nectar of the gods"? 

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