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The "Most Satisfying Food Sound" Comes From Your Stovetop

Some people can't stand the sound of someone chewing, or slurping noodles, but other food sounds people actually LOVE.

A survey asked people what they considered the "most satisfying food sound," and the top response was: Bacon sizzling in a pan. 33% of people said that's a sound that makes them happy.

Here's the rest of the Top 10:

2. Slicing a crusty loaf of bread.

3. Steak sizzling in a pan.

4. Butter being spread on toast.

5. The snapping of a chocolate bar.

6. French fries frying.

7. The first bite into a crisp apple.

8. Popping popcorn.

9. The rustling of a snack or potato chip bag.

10. Stir frying vegetables.

Clearly the sounds were impacted by how delicious the food is no one said they felt soothed by the soft purr of BROCCOLI BEING STEAMED.

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