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Luke Bryan Helps Stepdad Tell His Son He Wants To Adopt Him

Luke Bryan helped unite a family like never before over the weekend during his tour stop in Hartford, CT.

After spotting a fan holding up a t-shirt for him mid-show, Bryan took the shirt and un-folded it while reading what it said to the thousands of fans before him.

"It says, 'Hey Luke, I want to adopt my stepson Michael. Can you help me ask him?'"

The crowd cheered as the stage camera panned to the father-son duo, capturing the special moment. Luke passed over his microphone so the crowd could hear Michael’s emotional acceptance before he buried his head, crying.

"That's the coolest thing I've ever watched right there, y'all," Bryan said in reaction to the special moment. "Michael, you got a good dude standing right there behind you, buddy. That's awesome. Congratulations, y'all."

The moment was most-definitely one Luke will remember as he is the father of three adopted kids himself.

After tragically losing his sister, Kelly, in May 2007 and her widower, Ben, in 2014, Luke and wife, Caroline, adopted the couples’ three children (his nieces and nephew); Jordan(26) ,Kris(23) and Til(19). The three joined Luke and Caroline’s two biological sons ThomasBo” (13) and Tatum(10).

Warning: There is questionable language in video!

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