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Things Coupes Should Not Do In Front Of Friends

A relationship expert came up with a list of things couples shouldn't do in front of their friends, because each one is toxic . . . or just annoying.



1. Don't put each other down. Jokes and sarcasm might be okay, but there's a fine line. Avoid doing anything that might humiliate them in public, or in front of friends. They could end up resenting you for it, even if they act like it's cool.



2. Constantly bragging about your relationship. That one applies even if only one of you is there. If it comes up naturally, fine. But people will get sick of you bringing it up on your own, especially your single friends.



3. Too much PDA, or "public displays of affection." Again, it gets old fast and feels awkward. Especially if you're out with a "third wheel" who's on their own.



4. Public displays of anger. Don't be the couple who gets into full-blown fights with your friends there. And definitely don't make them the referee by asking them to back you up on it.



5. Inappropriate flirting. Be careful about flirting with other people while you're out together, especially their friends. It can happen by accident without even realizing.



6. Marking your territory. That one sometimes happens right AFTER inappropriate flirting, but not always. Interrupting conversations, being dismissive, and being overly affectionate can all be forms of marking your territory. 



(Daily Mail)

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