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How & Why Swearing Is Good For You

Researchers found that the most common reason we swear is to release anger or frustration. That includes using it to, quote, "cope with feelings of anger in stressful road situations."

But dropping F-bombs is useful in other ways too. Here are four more benefits of swearing, according to the study . . .

1. It helps us express joy. Like this Saturday, when you hit the Powerball and everyone in your neighborhood hears you yell, "[EFF] yeah!"

2. It helps us deal with pain. Emotional and physical.

The same researchers did another study a few years ago that proved it. People were able to keep their hand submerged in ice water a lot longer when they were allowed to cuss.

3. It helps us connect with each other. One example is humor. They found swearing can be useful when you're trying to make someone laugh. And it also helps with feelings of solidarity. Like telling a friend, "You're the [effing] best."

4. It can make you more convincing. They looked at a previous study that found people who swear in text messages are seen as more persuasive, and more believable.

They also found swearing isn't considered as vulgar as it once was. And it used to be seen as a sign you were uneducated, or had a poor vocabulary. But that's not really true anymore either.

That said, they do admit you still have to be careful about WHO you swear around, and what the context of the situation is. There are still lots of times when it's seen as offensive and inappropriate.

(Daily Mail / ScienceDirect)

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