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Does "Staying In" Count As A Date? Couples Agree!

Go out or stay in? Can you count "Staying In" as a "Date Night"?


A new poll asked 5,000 people in relationships what their favorite "date-night activities" are. Going out to eat is still #1. But STAYING IN ranked second. Here are America's favorite date-night activities in 2023 . . .


1. Going out to dinner. 46% said it's a top date-night activity for them.


2. A night in together, 28%.


3. Going to the movies, 22%.


4. Cooking together, 15%.


5. Going on a long drive, 13%.


6. Shopping, 13%. It's not clear if ONLINE shopping counts as a date.


7. A romantic walk on the beach, 10%.


8. Going camping, 10%.


9. Engaging in a hobby together, 10%.


10. Game nights, 9%.



The poll also found the average couple has two dates per week.  (If staying in watching Netflix counts, I'm averaging like six or seven.)




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