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"AIR" The NIKE Michael Jordan Story Review & Trailer - I Loved It!!

I, and many other KFAN/iHeart employees had the chance to see "AIR" the Nike story behind Michael Jordan.

First, the casting is fantastic!

Ben Affleck is the Director & Co-Star with a pudgy Matt Damon.

Jason Bateman, Viola Davis, Chris Tucker & more all star in this great movie!

"AIR" is nostalgic, dramatic, funny and heartwarming. If you were a kid/young adult in 1984, the soundtrack and throwbacks to pop-culture are spot on! In 1984 I was 12 years old, so this hit me right between the eyes.

That being said, anyone that knows or has owned AIR Jordans, you will thoroughly enjoy this movie!!

Matt Damon's character "Sonny" interaction with Michael Jordan's agent "David Falk" (Chris Messina) is toxic and at times hilarious.

The acting is so good. I really loved this movie!

"AIR" hits theaters April 5th!

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