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NASA Experts Say This Is The Perfect Length For A Nap

Who doesn't love naps? Aside from toddlers, naps are amazing!

According to a study by NASA, the perfect length of a nap is . . . 26 minutes.

Finally, the people at NASA are using their time to research something important. WAY more important than "the moon" or "Jupiter" or "the asteroid that's going to crash into Earth and only Ben Affleck can stop."



No . . . NASA decided to study how long our NAPS should be.



And they found the perfect length for a nap is . . . 26 minutes.



When you nap for 26 minutes, you'll be 54% more alert and 34% better at whatever you do next.



Here's why. At 26 minutes, you're only going through the first two stages of sleep . . . you're not entering the others, which can make you feel groggy or even feel WORSE when you wake up.



(Business Insider)

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