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Eggo Coming Out With Special Booze That Pairs With Waffles

Eggo Is Coming Out with a Special Booze That Pairs with Waffles

Eggo has teamed up with Sugarlands Distilling to launch a new liqueur called Eggo Brunch-in-a-Jar Sippin' Cream. 

It's 20% alcohol, 40-proof . . . and "seamlessly blends the flavors of toasted Eggo waffles, sweet maple syrup, and rich butter, with a hint of smoky bacon."

If you're wondering WHY, an exec says they know it's difficult to be a parent . . . dealing with "constantly changing schedules, household errands, family outings, and busy workdays" . . . so they wanted to create something that can help them "find moments they can savor for themselves."

And what better way to do that than . . . special MORNING booze.  (???)

Eggo Brunch-in-a-Jar is available at select retailers nationwide and online in select states.

By the way, this isn't the first time Eggo has gotten drunk . . .

For the holidays last year, they partnered with the same distillery to make Eggo Nog, which was Eggo Waffle-flavored eggnog.

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