Guy in Jason mask attacked a news broadcaster in NYC


DNA Info- "A hockey-mask-wearing rapper who shoved a reporter to the ground during a live televised broadcast Saturday denies that he was trying to assault anyone, saying the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. Keyjonta Foster, 23, was wearing a hockey mask straight out of “Friday the 13th” when he approached ABC 7’s CeFaan Kim and put his arm around the reporter’s neck before pointing at the camera and announcing his stage name — Majesty Da Rebel, footage shows. The camera pans away from the action, then returns to the two scuffling on the sidewalk before Foster shoves Kim to the ground. “I didn’t attack you,” Foster is seen shouting at Kim after the incident. “You attacked me!” Kim took to social media accounts after the incident to say the rapper had attacked him and that a police report had been filed. Police confirmed Kim plans to press charges and said they will charge Foster with assault for striking Kim and causing him to fall to the ground.

But Foster maintained his innocence when reached by phone Monday, claiming he had jumped on camera to promote his musical career and that the stunt had turned unexpectedly violent when Kim retaliated. “When the camera was looking up was when he grabbed me,” said Foster, adding that he believes Kim was intimidated by the Jason mask he was wearing. “I just shifted everything and pushed him off of me. I was like ‘You’re doing too much.’ I think he overreacted.” Foster told the New York Post over the weekend he knew the stunt would garner negative publicity, which he believed he could “flip” to promote his music. He has advertised the incident on his social media platforms, saying his live television appearance was an “opportunity” he couldn’t pass up."

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