This guy almost escaped from prison but his beer can trail gave him away

WSPA - A Wise County inmate is now facing additional charges after deputies said he escaped the justice center and stole a truck.

The officer from the Norton Police Department chased Pratt and officers from the UVA-Wise Police and Wise Police Departments assisted.

Another deputy from Wise County, Josh Edmiston, was in the area en-route to help, when he saw a blue Dodge truck on Christmas Lane speeding and driving recklessly.

Deputy Edmiston turned and tried to stop the truck. While chasing the truck, empty beer cans were flying from the truck bed, leaving a trail.

Deputy Edmiston followed the trail of beer cans and located the truck in a driveway on Pole Bridge Road.

So close, yet so far! What I need to know is why this man was originally in custody... drunk driving? possession of some crazy drugs? He's got guts to not only escape from jail, but then to immediately get hammered and take off in a stolen truck, beer cans flying everywhere, he's on a whole other level.

Rachel Ramsey

Rachel Ramsey

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