Here's how you can get paid to travel the world and stay in luxury homes!

If you need a new job I gotcha, hows it sound to get paid to travel across the world and stay in super high-end homes? Pretty great right?

Well here ya go: Luxury vacation home company Third Home announced on their Facebook page that they’re taking applications for what they call the “Best Job on the Planet.” And we can’t say we disagree with them. The position pays a whopping $10,000 a month to travel the world and stay in multi-million-dollar homes.

All you need for the job? To be social media saavy, have a "way with words," plus you gotta have a passport.

Even better?? You get to bring someone with ya! But they won't pay for their travel expenses like yours, who cares though! It's 3 months and taking applications until March 30th.

Rachel Ramsey

Rachel Ramsey

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