OF COURSE, The Cubs First World Series in 108 Years Is Being Turned Into a Movie

We all know the Cubs Winnings the World Series was a big deal, I mean it had only been 108 years since the last championship, so why not make it a movie!

Remember their catcher David Ross? Yes the dude now on Dancing with the Stars? Yeah he's behind it. He's got a book coming out  May 9th called Teammate: My Journey in Baseball and a World Series for the Ages, and that's what the movie will be partially based on. They're even calling the movie Teammate: My Journey in Baseball, but hopefully that's a working title because it sucks lol.

Ross says, quote, "It was said all during the 2016 season that if you made a movie about the magical run with all its amazing subplots, no one would believe it.  Guess what?  Believe it!"  There's no timetable for the movie yet, and I'm interested how many non-Cubs fans will see it, especially because David Ross was only with the Cubs for 2 seasons...

PS... of course his first DWTS dance was Cubs themed...

Rachel Ramsey

Rachel Ramsey

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