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Minnesota city named fittest city in America!

Fitbit has named Duluth, Minnesota as the fittest city in America! They looked at data such as daily steps, active minutes, resting heart rate, and sleep duration, from more than 10 million Fitbit users nationwide!

The top 20:

1 Duluth, Minn.

2 Appleton, Wis.

3 Eau Claire, Wis.

4 Boulder, Colo.

5 Bellingham, Wash.

6 Madison, Wis.

7 Billings, Mont.

8 Rochester, Minn.

9 Spokane, Wash.

10 Eugene, Ore.

11 Green Bay, Wis.

12 Denver, Colo.

13 Portland, Ore.

14 Sioux Falls, S.D.

15 Lincoln, Neb.

16 Syracuse, N.Y.

17 Rochester, N.Y.

18 Grand Rapids, Mich.

19 Janesville, Wis.

20 Minneapolis, Minn.

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