Hangry man has pizza delivered to him ON A TRAIN (video)

A very frustrated and "hangry" train passenger was fed up with sitting on a delayed Amtrak train, so he made a call to the one person who could help...a pizza deliveryman. 

Mitch Katz was traveling from New York to Washington, D.C. on Sunday when the train suffered a mechanical issue and stalled on the tracks for over an hour. Katz says he was hungry and angry and decided to call a local pizza place to see if they would deliver a pie. Moments later, a deliveryman carrying a bag of pizzas carefully walked down an embankment and walked along the tracks until he found the car that Katz was sitting in. He delivered the pies, got his money, and went on his way. A portion of the unbelievable scene was captured on a cellphone video that Katz later tweeted. (ABC News)

Rachel Ramsey

Rachel Ramsey

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